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Jesus Has Come - Handbells descant; opt Intro
Descant for handbells, with optional intro before stanza 1.  3 octaves, 12 bells used. [..
Jesus Christ is Risen Today - Trumpet descant
Melody and descant for trumpet in Bb. Concert key of C major.  [Tune: EASTER HYMN from Lyra ..
Alleluia! Jesus is Risen! (2-part mixed choir, handbells, chimes, percussion)
An Easter round for 2-part mixed choir, handbells, handchimes, wood block, and triangle.  1 ..
I Am Jesus' Little Lamb - Clarinet descant
Melody and descant for clarinet in Bb.  Concert key of C major.  1 page. [Tune: WEI..
I Am Jesus' Little Lamb - C instrument descant
Melody and descant for C instrument: flute, recorder, oboe, or violin. Key of C major.  1 pa..
I Am Jesus' Little Lamb - HB descant (2 oct)
Melodic descant for handbells or handchimes, 2 octaves, 10 bells used. Tune: WEIL ICH JESU SCHAFL..
Jesus Christ is Risen Today, Alleluia! (HB - 2 oct)
Medley arrangement of two Easter tunes for handbells (2 octaves, 10 or 11 bells used) and wind ch..
O Dearest Jesus, What Law Hast Thou Broken - Hymn Intro (C instrument, handbells, organ)
Simple hymn introduction arranged for C instrument (violin, flute, or oboe), 8 handbells (2 octav..
Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus - Coda (2-part choir, HB)
Extended coda for 2-part treble choir and 4 handbells or handchimes (3 octaves). 1 page. Tune..
Fix Our Eyes on Jesus (Unison / Congregation)
For Unison choir and/or congregation.  Adapted from Hebrews 12:2, Psalm 51:1, 10, and John 3..
Jesus Christ is Risen Today - St. 3 (Choir, HB, piano)
Arrangement of "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" hymn stanza 3 for unison choir, piano, and optional ..
I Am Jesus' Little Lamb - HB descant (1 oct)
Simple handbells or handchimes chordal descant, 1 octave, 9 bells used. (or 2 octaves).  Can..